To register for the Barons Hockey 2007-08 PHL Team

To register for the 2020 Barons Hockey 2007-08 PHL team please scroll down and fill out the form.

To pay with etransfer please send to password "neverg1veup" once accepted you are added and receive a confirmation email.

Please click here to pay online using a Visa  select division "player development" and camp name "2019-2020 BP Hockey - PHL 2007-2008 Team" 

Payment plans are accepted whether you send etransfer or use the online system with a Visa. 


BP Hockey- Barons Hockey Club will be entering a 2007-2008 team with modified contact no open ice hits. The team will be 15 skaters and 2 goalies. 

I will be adding both goalie and player development spots. These players will practice and do the off ice fitness.

Right now looks like approx 42 practices on Sat and Sun mornings (Sept to Mid-March) at Tsuu Tina Seven Chiefs Sportsplex . 

For those who've committed and want to get together as a team I have ice July 29th to Aug 1st over the 4 days they will have 8 hours on ice. The on ice times are 10:30-11:30 and 2:15-3:15 at Tsuu Tina Seven Chiefs Sportsplex. We will offer an off ice portion to go with the ice sessions.

The fee is $225 includes a BP Hoodie and pre season player evaluation.  

BHC Tournaments

The manager may apply to tournaments. These will be discussed as a group (Jasper, Calgary, Arizona etc.) arrangements and travel fees are not included and will be discussed on a per family basis as these events will certainly not be mandatory.

With approximate 42 practices, 28 league games, 12 exhibition games, 5 tournament games I’m hoping the total number of ice times to be around 80-90 for the year.

I also hope to add an off ice HIIT fitness component at Core Spin in Mahogany.

Now that we've been accepted, I'm going to be reaching out and adding games against HSL teams.


The 2007-2008 per player registration is $4250.00 plus GST and goalies at $3250.00 plus GST.  The difference is expected to go towards extra goalie development. 

A payment plan is available. To register $1500 down payment ($500 is refundable should the player withdraw)) and three equal payments Aug 1st, Oct 1st and Dec 1st  can be made

BHC will have 4 paid positions.

1. Manager responsbile for team related activities.

2. Director who will have contact with leaque directives.

3. A person responsible for posting team related social media events. This person will ensure all posts meet BHC code of conduct . 

Extra development, fund raising, sponsorship and off ice conditioning are on my mind and as players commit information will be forwarded, off ice conditioning and team meetings will commence. 


****** If your interested 2007-2008 4 day development camp July 29th - Aug 1st Fee $225.00 ******

Coming to this by no means commits or reserves a spot on the team, just offers more development. I'm hoping this offers an opportunity for kids to get to know each other.

Please scroll down and fill out the form below if your interested..

To pay etransfers can be sent to password "neverg1veup".

Please click here to pay online using a Visa  

select divison "player development" and camp name "BP - Calgary 4 day development camp". 




Thanks Chris

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